Cost of Home Care

Cost of Home Care

At Elite at Home, we believe in transparency when it comes to the cost of care. Just like every individual is unique, so are the factors that influence the cost of our services.

How much does home care cost?

We take a personalised approach to determining the cost of home care, which can vary based on factors such as the type and level of care needed, whether your care is funded by the local authority or health services, and the specific requirements of your care plan. Rest assured, we will explain our charges to you personally, ensuring complete clarity on how this is assessed. Our written agreement will comprehensively detail all aspects of our fees, including payment arrangements and any necessary revisions if you’re funding the care yourself.

Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are here to provide you with the highest level of care while keeping you fully informed about the financial aspects of our services.

How can you find financial support for home care?

Getting funding for home care can be crucial for individuals who require assistance with daily living activities. Here’s a simple guide on how to access funding for home care, with links to legitimate sources for more information:

Contact Your Local Authority

  • In the UK, local authorities provide funding for home care services to those who are eligible based on their needs and financial circumstances.
  • Find your local authority’s contact information here

Attendance Allowance

  • Attendance Allowance is a non-means-tested benefit for those aged 65 and over who need help with personal care due to illness or disability.
  • Find out if you’re eligible for Attendance Allowance

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • PIP is for people under 65 with a long-term health condition or disability, and it can help cover the costs of personal care.
  • Learn about PIP eligibility and application

Charitable Organisations

  • Some charities offer financial assistance or grants for home care. You can search for relevant charities and their eligibility criteria.
  • Use the Charity Commission’s search tool

Private Funding

  • If you don’t qualify for public funding, you may consider using personal savings, insurance policies, or selling assets to cover the costs of home care.

Financial Advisors

  • Consult with a financial advisor or eldercare specialist for personalised guidance on funding options and planning for home care.

Remember, eligibility criteria and funding options may vary depending on your location, personal circumstances, and specific care needs. It’s essential to research and seek advice to find the most suitable funding sources for your situation. Always verify information with official government websites or trusted organisations to ensure legitimacy.

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